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About Us


Weedon Solutions is not your typical run of the house IT company.  We are ordinary people just like you, but just a little geeky.  We dedicate ourselves to help small business all the way to your average grandparent in provide IT solutions.  Why call the 1 800 # just to talk to someone overseas when you have the same support, local and just minutes away.

A little bit more about us

Here at Weedon Solutions, we strive to build a relationship with out customer rather than just be another business.  Our goal is to provide top notch service with a laid back attitude.  

Our business started out like most, helping out that neighbor to occasionally helping out the friend with computer support, building that startup business website and eventually providing system administration services for a couple local business.  Then it dawned on us, these people just want someone local they can call and  say "hey, come fix my computer".  This is were Weedon Solutions was born.   

Business Consultion
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